Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa (FSDA)


FSDA - Ghana will mobilize national and international resources to undertake the following programs
•    Introduction of appropriate , adaptable small scale farming technology including irrigation ; bio-tech; storage, preservation and marketing techniques
•    Construction of water supply sources and water and sanitation techniques
•    Organisation of out-reach programs on primary health care, chronic diseases and access to affordable medication
•    Introduction and operation of community mobile health clinics
•    Introduction of high protein food production and feeding systems.
•    Development and implementation of programs to address ecological disasters
•    Organization of basic literacy/primary and/or adult education programs
•    Introduction of mobile computer/IT training schools
•    Identification and rehabilitation of broken-down educational infrastructure
•    Mounting of civic educational programs about the rights and duties of the citizen including awareness and capacity building campaign on democracy, good governance and accountability
•    Mounting of advocacy campaigns for the rights of the child in terms of access to education , skills acquisition and inimical cultural practices
•    Promotion of commercially viable business development initiatives and establishment of small to medium scale rural enterprises with some community ownership alongside institutional investors.
•    Identification and development of community-driven and employment–generating economic activities.