Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa (FSDA)



The Consultative Meeting on the above project was held at Hotel Makavo, Aflao from 19-20 January 2011. The purpose of the meeting was to brief the major stakeholders namely the representatives of the communities, women, the youth and the border agencies on the project of FSDA-Ghana entitled Empowering Women, the Youth and Economic Operators on the ECOWAS Regional Integration process with a view to getting them to buy into the project so as to enlist their support for the implementation of the project.

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Micro Finance

The Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa (FSDA) was established in May 2005 as a Non Profit Organization by a group of prominent Ghanaians and international citizens who are motivated in the various well meaning national and international initiatives and commitments about sustainable development in Africa and poverty reduction.

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Orphans and Vulnerable Children

In February 2007, in response to an advertisement in the daily Graphic by the Ghana Aids Commission calling for proposals on the implementation of a multi-sectoral HIV and AIDS programme, a proposal was submitted by the FSDA to the commission through the district assembly of Dangme West District in the Greater Accra Region for consideration.

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